El Sexto, preferencia política de José María Arguedas

  • Juan José Oré Cerrón UNAJMA
Keywords: El Sexto, Arguedas, political preference


This research indicates the political preference that José María Arguedas reflects in the novel El sixth, the detailed inductive analysis methodology of the narrative expressed in the novel is used, leading to results such as José María Arguedas' deep mistrust of APRA and his preference for the communist party, the investigation concludes with the positive perception and recognition towards the communist party of the Aprista party labeling them as hypocrites, demagogues and liars. The investigation determines the political preference for the Communist Party, founded in 1928 by José Carlos Mariátegui. This novel is in tune with the politicaleconomic system of communism, which boomed after the Second World War as a hopeful phenomenon in the high Andean communities of Peru.