Mobile application with reality augmented with information of tourist attractions of Andahuaylas

  • Ruth Maribel Huamán Allccahuamán UNAJMA
Keywords: Augmented Reality, phones, PCs, tablets,3D


This article focuses on the study conducted on augmented reality to promote tourism. This technology overlays images, videos, audio, 3D animations and others in our real environment; all this is thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, tablets, PCs containing cameras and is affordable. In this sense the main objective of the study is to promote tourism in the Paccha of the writer Jose Maria Arguedas as well as encourage learning about the life and works of the writer, the information shown by the mobile application will be very important, for the validation of data was used survey choosing people at random, the results show that the mobile application of augmented reality promotes learning about the life and works of the writer Jose Maria Arguedas and also promote tourism.