Multiplatform mobile application development model for job supply and demand announcements in real time with the Mobile-D methodology

  • Enrique Edgardo Condor Tinoco Universidad Nacional José María Arguedas


Mobile applications are changing the way people interact, and to develop them also in development tools, and we ask ourselves how do I do it and with what? An answer to this is found in this article, which shows the use of technologies such as IONIC and Firebase that together can result in a multiplatform mobile application without cost of implementation in the development and production phase, The solution that is presented in the This article is that the mobile application responds quickly to requests, for that reason the client server model was improved, the functions of the mobile application were also optimized in terms of data consumption, Push Notifications were used without dependence on a server. The indicated results respond to the objectives: a) optimize the response time and data request, with a shorter Client - Server model, b) develop a dynamic and interactive qualification module and c) integrate Push Notifications without relying on a server. For the development of the Application, the Mobile-D methodology was used and it was applied to a notice board of job offers and demands in real time in order to increase the chances of finding updated announcements.