Industry Analysis: corporate sustainability of companies in the food industry, Alicorp S.A., Laive S.A. and Leche Gloria S.A.



The objective of this article was to carry out a descriptive analysis of the Corporate Sustainability of companies in the food industrial sector, Alicorp S.A., Laive S.A. and Leche Gloria S.A., registered in the Public Registry of the Securities Market (RPMV). These industrial companies in the food sector inform the Superintendence of the Securities Market (SMV) about the impact of their business activities and risk management related to economic, social and environmental performance and regarding the adherence to principles of good corporate governance. For global trade companies, Corporate Sustainability is present on the agendas of their management teams that make decisions about the reputation and impact of their brands in the national and international market. For investors who participate in the stock market, knowing the application of business practices that allow Corporate Sustainability is important, because it allows them to identify strategies, activities and standards that they have been applying to ensure their permanence in the market, creating long-term added value term, as well as carrying out a more efficient risk management and identifying business opportunities with a medium and long-term horizon. For customers, knowing corporate sustainability makes them value more companies that better manage environmental risks or impacts. Currently corporate sustainability is understood mainly in a tripartite dimension that involves: (1) economic responsibility (2) social responsibility and (3) environmental responsibility, whose compliance by global economy companies are important for their business positioning long-term.