Acoplamiento entre objetos sólidos y fluido SPH usando la formulación del Potencial de Lennard-Jones

  • Roberto Augusto del Carpio Minaya UNA-PUNO
Keywords: SPH fluids; Potential Lennard-Jones; Rigid body, Solid-Fluid coupling


In this research work we present a fluid simulation method based on Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), which we call the 2DLJ-SPH Method. This method is able to simulate a 2D solid-fluid coupling. The fluid is composed by spherical particles, which interacts between them by repulsive forces obtained from a Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential function. The 2DLJ-SPH method is easy to implement, the dynamics of the fluid is controlled by the SPH method with a Gaussian Kernel. The fluid container consists of a rectangular boundary composed of fixed particles which restricts the fluid by applying LJ forces. Rigid bodies are
composed of particles located throughout their perimeter that interact with the fluid also applying LJ forces. In the performed flotation experiments, the geometry of various flat rigid bodies has been varied and an adequate stability of the method has been demonstrated for various scenarios.