Use of the orcocopi kunaman suitoccocha eco tourist area José Maria Arguedas district, Apurimac, Peru

Keywords: characteristics, accessibility, ecotourism, exploitation, peasant community


The purpose was to determine the characteristics from the inventory and minimum accessibility conditions that will allow to outline the plan for the use and conservation of the ecotourism area called: Orccopi Kunaman Suitoccocha. The type of research is descriptive, micro etnogtafich design. The sample is intentional. Accessibility is 100%, a fundamental section in adequate conditions, towards the Parionaccocha, Suitoccocha, Yanaccocha lakes. The landscapes are unique for the mirrors of water, snowy summit and Andean buttress. To the south east; artisanal mining exploitation, in addition to flora or fauna contained in the ecotourism zone and implantation of piscigranjas, a very favorable territory for adventure sports such as trekking, hikking. The use of the ecotourist zone is a usufruct proposal based on the attributes and conditions: landscape, road access, attractions, tourist facilities, with the permit, administration, legitimized in the general assembly of the Campesino Community of HuancabambaChecche-Huaraccopata The plan includes two phases to increase the value of the ecotourism zone: the first one to take advantage of clean, with adequacy of the pedestrian path, signage, condition registration booth and coordination with associations of fish farmers. The second condition infrastructure for care, shelter, security, implement and finance forest plantation around the lakes.