Potential of ecotourism resources in the peasant community of Piscobamba, Ocobamba district, province Chincheros, Peru

Keywords: potential, resources, ecotourism, rural community


The objective of the research was to describe the characteristics of the natural tourist resources located in the rural community of Piscobamba. The focus was qualitative, micro ethnographic type, narrative design.
Observation techniques, geosystem analysis, photographic capture, and the descriptive and illustrative method were applied. The sample was the geomorphological system: three caves, two waterfalls and the rock formation with anthropomorphic faces.
As a result, it was obtained that the ecotourism resources are not violated, there is no evidence of extreme anthropic intervention. It has an accessibility in adequate conditions, which allows a tourist with full capabilities to visit. They do not have physical-legal sanitation. The promotion, diffusion of ecotourism resources is very low, it is unknown. In conclusion, it has a great variety of ecotourism resources, originated by natural action, being these: kimsa machay, the waterfall, the bride's veil, punk sky, tikuy rikuy, the bride's arch, sites suitable for lovers of adventure tourism and nature, the use will increase the level of quality of life of the inhabitants.